Keehns Jewelry will always clean your jewelry, make it sparkle and check to ensure there are no issues such as loose stones.
Master Bench Jeweler with decades of experience in fine jewelry repair.
  • Ring repair and sizing
  • Ring shank replacement
  • Stone Tightening
  • Stone replacement
  • Prong tightening and re-tipping
  • Diamond setting
  • Chain shortening or lengthening
  • Chain repairs & clasp replacement
  • Earring post and back replacement
Heirlooms are so sentimental that you may consider completely restoring them to their original state. Jewelry Restoration is for items that need more than that of routine repair. This challenging task is performed in-house by our master jeweler and store owner. To successfully do this,  is to know how they should look in the first place. Vintage jewelry has often had previous repairs. Unfortunately, repairs on old jewelry tend to be of poor quality. Our finely detailed repair work can usually undo past damage, restoring your vintage jewelry to its original, beautiful condition.
Sizing up or down in Gold, Platinum & Silver. Diamond Setting, Stone Replacement, Ring shank replacement, Stone Tightening, stone replacement, Prong tightening and re-tipping, Crown replacement
A master diamond setter with decades of experience setting diamonds and all types of precious gemstones. As a full-service master setter, I can assist you in setting any shape or size diamond or one-of-a-kind custom cut-colored stone. Specializing in all forms of settings; Prong setting, Shared prong setting, Channel setting, Bar Channel setting, Pave setting, Bead setting, Bezel setting, and Burnish setting.
If you have lost a gemstone or a diamond or have a damaged stone, we have most replacements on-site. We have an abundant amount of goods to choose from for the perfect replacement. In some cases, we may have to order a stone or have one custom-cut to fit your jewelry. The most important question is… Why did it fall out? Or Why was it damaged? We will always find the reason and solution to repair the mounting before re-setting the new stone.
Jewelry is a major purchase and should be insured like other valuable items. To give you the most accurate appraisal possible, bring the jewelry you need to have appraised with any documents for the piece, such as sales receipt, previous appraisal, Laboratory certificates from GIA, EGL, IGI etc. we clean, check, and refurbish the item, take photographs, measurements, weight and assess the item, taking all the necessary information so the finished appraisal document has precise descriptions, identification, and measurements. If you ever need to use your insurance to replace the piece, your insurance company has details to replace same  “like kind and quality” Not ~ Similar kind and quality.
Rhodium plating is a process which gives the white gold its ultra-white color. We place a heavy coating of rhodium over the existing metal. First, we refurbish the piece, then it is cleaned, rinsed, and dipped into plating solution (a mixture of sulfuric acid and rhodium sulfate) for One minute or more, depending on the item. While suspended in the plating solution, a positive electrical current is instigated to adhere the rhodium to the metal.
We Pay Cash for Gold, Diamonds, Silver & Coins. We buy platinum, gold, & silver Jewelry, we buy sterling silver flatware, napkin rings, tea sets, scrap dental gold, wrist watces, pockets watches and more.
We can replace a battery, size a watch, or replace a band. In most cases while you wait. We can replace most watch crystals. We can also service your timepiece. We disassemble, clean, oil, and polish the watch. Damaged components will be either fixed or replaced. Finally, reassemble the watch and adjust it in several positions to make sure it runs well before returning your timepiece.
Broken Watch Crystal, we can replace it in house. We stock thousands of crystals. Watch crystals are made of different materials. Plastic and Glass crystals are most common. The great thing about plastic and glass crystals is we can custom cut, shape, or trim it to fit different watch cases. We stock thousands of crystals. We can repair or replace the watch crystal on almost any watch brand like; Bulova, Citizen, Lorus, Omega, Seiko, Rolex, and more.
We specialize in creating custom handcrafted jewelry to complete your vision. A custom-made item involves intensive time & commitment, both in design and manufacturing. Imagine owning a finely crafted, high-quality design made just for you: Your vision and ideas, along with our advice, design abilities and technical execution.